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egomunk is a collective of established artists, led by singer/songwriter egomunk himself, who are united by their aim to remain anonymous and to let their music speak for itself. Each musician involved is established in the music business under another guise. egomunk’s debut album, Footsteps To Mars, was recorded over 18 months in studios in London and LA and speaks of a sense of freedom which is sometimes forgotten in the modern world. The album has been recorded free from any record label restrictions or marketing demands and is available as a whole exclusively from this site.

The Footsteps to Mars album is an anonymous musical masterpiece; there is no artist, no face to stand behind. All thirteen tracks are left open and vulnerable for your interpretation. The music is available in its entirety here.

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For a limited time only CD’s are available exclusively through the egomunk website. Click on the above link for your copy of ‘Footsteps to Mars.’ The album has become a global success.

yesterday morning i was tripping on clouds living on air without a care