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Who exactly is egomunk? That remains one of the best-kept secrets in the music industry. Rumours abound about his or her identity, as well as that of the VIP contributors and guests. But remarkably, in the three years since the group released its debut album, “Footsteps to Mars” – which notched up a remarkable 300,000 free downloads – the musicians have managed not to let their mask slip. The mystery remains as impenetrable as ever.

“I wanted to release an album completely anonymously to let the music be heard for what it is, not for who is behind it.” – EGOMUNK


While journalists may puzzle over the musicians’ real identity, the band’s modus operandi allow it to address its intensely loyal public without having to cede control to the marketing and publicity machines. The music, in the end, is all that matters.

Fusing ethereal soundscapes with allusive, poetic lyrics, the band is intent no crating its own language beyond the conventional genres.

“We don’t care about genres or trends. They are nice to play with but ultimately the should never be used to restrict your creativity.”-EGOMUNK




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Mysterious Artist Egomunk Shares “My TV” Video

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Egomunk Releases Video To MY TV, From LP Footsteps To Mars

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Wunderground Music

Download egomunk Footsteps To Mars album free from interactive site

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Should music be free?

Post from: Virgin


As musicians around the world try to ensure that they are getting paid for their output, one secretive artist has taken the opposite stance – claiming that all music should be available for free.

Egomunk, who has chosen to keep his identity secret, has made his first album available for free through his website and Bandcamp, where fans can pay what they like for it, and it has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

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Mysterious Musician Releases Third Single For Free

Post from: The Londonist


Who needs a record label these days? That’s the mantra of London-based musician Egomunk, who is releasing his third single, Footsteps To Mars, for free.

It might seem like a crackers strategy at a time when the record industry is hand-wringing about illegal downloads, but it’s not proving a barrier to success for Egomunk. Not only has he been hailed as one of the most successful unsigned artists of all time, he’s also already notched up 170,000 free downloads of his debut album via his website.

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Music should not be for profit, says secretive artist of hit album

Post from: Evening Standard


A secretive musician who is giving away his first album on his website has had it downloaded more than 100,000 times.

The singer/songwriter, known only as egomunk, enlisted the help of established artists to help him record the 13-track album, Footsteps To Mars, over the space of 18 months in London and Los Angeles.

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Nobody knows who made this song but it’s incredible

Post from: The Tab


The mysterious artist known only as egomunk is back, and this latest track might just be one of the biggest songs of 2015.

While pop royalty is busy falling off stage at the BRIT Awards and appearing on Match of the Day 2, egomunk has been working in the shadows on his debut album “Footsteps to Mars” and created something brilliantly unique.

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Fan wins competition to design a music video for mysterious artist…

Post from: The Tab


Nobody knows the identity of the enigmatic egomunk – which is intrinsic to his achievement in becoming one of the most successful unsigned artists with more than 80,000 downloads in six months of his debut album, Footsteps To Mars.

The very anonymity of the artist does make writing about him kind of impossible. We don’t even know how many others are in his band.

What we do know is that the recently released cinematic album, Footsteps to Mars, has started an avalanche of free downloads from the site.

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Anonymous artist egomunk crowdsources video for his track, ‘The Patient’

Post from: The 405


Anonymity plays an increasingly large part in music lately. The internet certainly makes it a lot easier to be completely nameless, to exist solely as a musical entity, a maker of music with no origin and no ego. Speaking of which, an anonymous maker of music called egomunk has been making a few ripples recently, following the release of a free album, Footsteps to Mars through his interactive website,

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A Free Album, The Crowdsourced Video and Anonymity – Egomunk

Post from: Drowned in sound


It’s too easy to be cynical about a band like egomunk, the London-based “mysterious” collective/person who put out their wonky-folk debut Footsteps To Mars back in July completely free of charge, and have just crowd-sourced an entire video from their fans. It’s an approach that some might see as gimmicky: They give all their music away for free! Their identity is a mystery! Their fans make their videos! Fortunately there is something more interesting than schtick going on here: the natural evolution of the way bands act. Egomunk are not a new paradigm in the musical business model, rather they’re the logical result of where we find ourself, culturally, an interesting prism through which we can track the changes.

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Who Is The Mysterious Egomunk?

Post from: Subba-Cultcha


Egomunk’s album is not only a clearly brave piece of music but is haunting and mysterious. The lyrics are truthful, creative, and the musical talent is overwhelmingly obvious. egomunk uses all the tools in the box, making you sit up and really listen.

Any worries about the songs blending in to one are erased, egomunk starts with the ethereal ‘Sea Snow’, bringing a literal feeling of calm before surprising you with the the folk-ier ‘My TV’ and finally returning to a softer sound. Throughout egomunk infuses unexpected sounds and forcing you to listen to his brilliant and creative lyrics taking you in different directions, keeping you listening and wanting more.

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Post from: Australian Musician Network


We are often advised to let the music speak for itself and in this instance-it has no choice but to. egomunk is an anonymous musical masterpiece; there is no artist, no face to stand behind- all thirteen tracks on this album are left open and vulnerable-each making complete sense on their own, but even more so together.

From the opening cinematic build of the soaring Sea Snow -where the egomunk lead voice is joined in a beautiful female harmony; an intricate balance of floating vocals and strings and the driving, almost mechanical track that frames them – through to the light and airy dream-like narration of Tripping just two tracks into this album, it becomes clear that in spite of his anonymity – egomunk has many faces.

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